Osti Jarej Bron are Tina and Tomaž Kvasnik with co-workers, who we also call Friends and Teachers. Thank you!

For us, the path towards tools made of copper alloy was very winding since we first met in 2004 – just like in life – but we’ve always been together. We went through several different successful and unsuccessful projects, on the road, at home and at work. Along the way, we learned a lot and often, read and talked to many exceptional people in our country. We uncovered secrets ofherbalism, ecological and biodynamical farming, the art of design/forming, old wisdoms and skills. While forging the first Slovenian gong Eon, we met master Marko who showed us the power of geometry and numbers.

The idea of a Slovenian brand of gardening tools, made from copper alloy, matured for quite some time. But we just couldn’t let it go, since it stuck with us on almost every step; while talking to seniors, who still used these kind of tools in the Bača valley in the 1970’s, or when we met with Slovenian biodynamics experts. We live in the city of Radovljica, where a blacksmith was making bronze hoes even before WWI. The works of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian innovator, are extremely important and present a stepping stone, needed to carry the awareness of using copper gardening tools over to the 21st century.

And for us, the first herald of spring was our hoe named Vesna. Soon, the small garden hoe Vida followed it. Nevertheless, we continued to develop both tools for another two years to make them as stable and strong as possible to withstand everyday hard work in the garden.

Since bronze tools are long-lasting, we can offer a 12-year warranty on metal parts. This demands premium and lasting solutions and perfect hand making of tools – we offer all of this! This little family of tools has grown substantially – today we offer 14 models but develop and test new ones too.

Handles are made of Slovenian wood. From the very beginning, we cooperate with a specialist from the Poljane Valley near Škofja Loka, who masters sustainable logging and wood processing. Our handles are made in a traditional way.

We combine the know-how of farming, carpentry, tools, ecology, biodynamics, geometry and acoustics which enables us to create tools, that become a part of you over the years. Our future is dedicated to maintaining the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

We’re often present at several events, lectures and fairs in Slovenia and abroad. There, we love to pass on our knowledge that returns to our fields with the use of bronze tools. We always love to hear from you – we realized that without you and our beautiful homeland, our common path would not become a reality.

We’d like to thank all of you and wish you the Best of luck!

Tina Kvasnik

Prijatelji! Tako tkemo mavrični most med nebom in zemljo in tu so tudi darovi, ki jih po mostu prinašamo. Zavedamo se svoje naloge, čeprav ne moremo vedeti za dan, ko naj sadovi delovanja zaživé med ljudmi. Skupaj z vsemi bitji hočemo utirati pot (za)upanja. Če bo potrebno, bo naš dar, naša pesem šla skozi metamorfoze in dobivala nove oblike. Kmalu bo pripravljena, da bo na Zemlji gledala jasno modrino tisočletij. – Andrej Detela –

Tomaž Kvasnik

Znanost je že izpolnila materialne koristi te civilizacije do stopnje, ko bi vedno več svojih prizadevanj morali osredotočiti na povzdignjenje osebnega življenja in naravnih navad ljudi na višjo raven, da bi lahko polno uživali koristi našega strojnega napredka. – Nikola Tesla-